Potions, Tinctures & Elixers

Keep an eye on Coda’s ever expanding tap list as the experimental elixirs are only one keg and are usually gone in a couple days. Coda holds true to their motto, “Ale’s what cures you”, as most additional ingredients beyond water, hops, grain and yeast may have beneficial physical attributes. Just want a splash or a sample flight? Expect it to be served in a legitimate pyrex beaker. Future plans include building a functional apothecary library to display various ingredients used in Coda’s beer lab.   Past Potions, Tinctures and Solutions
  • 1. Mandarin Soaked IPA 2. Senegal Hibiscus Wit 3. Citra Dry-Hopped Wit 4. Oak-Aged Belgian Sour 5. Rasberry Blossom Honey Saison with Dandelions 6. Single Citra Hop IPA 7. Raspberry Chocolate Stout 8. Jameson Oak Imperial Stout 9. Wombat – American Wheat with Hibiscus and Honey 10. VIPA 11. Red Lester Red IPA 12. Red Saison 13. Imperial IPA 14. Hydle’s Belgian Saison 15. Myceliated Mushroom Stout (The world's first Myceliated Reishi Mushroom beer) 16. Citra Wit 17. Oak Wit Saison 18. Citra Pale Ale (This went on to win Silver at the 2015 GABF) 19. Hull Melon/Madarina IPA 20. Lovers Rock Oatmeal Blackberry Brown 21. English Table Red 22. Red Table Saison 23. Tangerine IIPA 24. Grisette Saison 25. Black IPA 26. Tangerine Pale Ale 27. Experimental IPA (6 new hops) 28. Breakfast Cream Stout (BruFrou exclusive) 29. New Zealand Pale ALe 30. Mango Pale Ale VC 31. Sour Kick Drum 32. Brass Band - Oktoberfest (bottled) 33. Wild Dogcatcher 34. IPA with Galaxy and Mosaic (for the Work Shy Concert) 35. Sour Brulant Saison 36. PB&J Porter - Gold at the 2015 Colorado State Fair (bottled) 37. India Pale Lager with Mandarina dry hops 38. Ghost Beer 39. Funky Farmhouse Grisette w/Brett 40. Punky Saison w/ Brett and Pacifica 41. Imperial Pumpkin Saison 42. Dollhouse Thieves - Almond Toffee Stout 43. Emily's Galaxy Saison with Spelt 44. Agnes' Brett Saison w/rooibos tea 2018 45. Mineral Peel - Indial Pale Lager 46. Fuzz Face - Palisade Peach Mixed Culture Saison 47. Pineapple Sour, Champagne Mango Sour, Dry Hopped Sour 2019 48. Blue Bus  - Blueberry Milkshake IPA 49. Sponge Bobsicle - Pineapple Coconut Milkshake IPA 50. Papa Joy - Chocolate, Almond, Coconut Stout on Nitro
Experimental Elixers - Pilot Batches and Scientific Fermentation Research

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